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Project Description
A downloader and a renamer app for Microsoft's tech event videos. Developed in C# and WPF. It uses Caliburn.Micro, Argotic and the Async CTP.

Currently the following tech events are supported:

  • MIX 2011
  • TechDays 2011 Belgium
  • Tech·Ed North America 2011
  • TechDays 2011 Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • mvcConf @:Japan - ASP.NET MVC Boot Camp
  • Belgian Community Day 2011
  • Tech·Ed New Zealand 2011
  • Tech·Ed Australia 2011
  • BUILD 2011 and 2012
  • TechDays 2012 Belgium
  • TechDays 2012 the Netherlands

Please use the Issue Tracker for bugs and features that you would like to see it implemented on MIXer, and use the tag #MIXerApp when writing about it on Twitter.


Here you can see the Windows 7 taskbar integration


Future roadmap (not necessarily by this order)

  • Ability to pause and resume downloads
  • Support for different themes
  • Some local storage for keeping info of some user options and files already downloaded
  • Performance, performance
  • Queuing downloads (also configuring the max number of simultaneous downloads)
  • Tabs for currently downloading and already downloaded files
  • Configuring MIXer to shutdown computer after all downloads have finished
  • Getting the download URLs from some site (SOAP, Rest, etc) and stop having them hard-coded

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